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A rare place near Karlštejn Castle, where people and nature work together, live and rejoice...

a place where the material meets the spiritual...

...where children, teenagers and adults get to know themselves and the world every day, helping to make our experience happier, more alive and beautiful.


The education that we impart at Dvůr Sofie and the search for new paths is a response to the acute need of many children today. Those children who did not come to fit into old structures and outdated ideas about the world, but who long to develop into their full beauty, expand their consciousness, develop new abilities, and actively understand, transform, and empower themselves within and for the world around them.
Here, children from 3 to 12 years old have this opportunity to be joyful and happy directly in real life, without limiting institutions. They are in healthy contact with Nature, adults and peers.

You can find more information about our concept of education in the Education tab.
You can learn about education options for your child in the How to become a part tab


At Dvůr Sofie, we take care of the landscape and the creatures in it. We help the flowers to bloom and the fruits to ripen, which we then gratefully cook for lunch.

On four hectares of land, we restore the orchard with old varieties of fruit trees, let the forest grow, cultivate the meadows and pastures, and take care of the bees.

Construction and craft activities

Together with children and parents, we are restoring a farmhouse from the 16th century. Parts of the farm buildings that have already been repaired are currently used as workshops and warehouses for agriculture, as well as housing for those who co-create this place. Thus the buildings and land have become a background for our joint work with children. We are starting to farm on some of the already restored agricultural areas.


Dvůr Sofie, is:

* Life with apprentices in getting to know-learning, in work, in play and in conversation

(currently 24 children aged 6-12 years, target 40, Mon-Fri, 8-15h)
* Life with little fingers (small kids) through free play, being present and creating together

(currently 11 children aged 3-6 years, target 20, Mon-Fri)

* Construction and craft activities
(reconstruction of the farmhouse - 3 buildings)

* Agriculture - 4 ha of land

(care of the orchard, forest, meadows and pastures, bees)
* In the future, a place for the lives of four families, co-creating this place, and for annual self- discovery residencies for teenagers.


Space singing a song - about Wisdom, Friendship, Courage, Beauty, Truth, Freedom, Goodness, Faith,      Love and Hope.

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