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I come with an interest in education, becoming
a collaborator, or wanting to take care of the Earth

Apprentice at Dvůr Sofie

(children 6/7 - 12 years old)

Dvůr Sofie is created primarily for children who are looking for a place where they will be "initiated" into their current earthly life. Where they will be able to learn about the world and man without losing themselves and their relationship to the world they came from.

An Apprentice becomes one who is ripe to embark on the path of knowledge and has himself decided on the path of discipleship in this place.
This is usually preceded by a stay with the Little Fingers (see below), where the child has the opportunity to experience the place and the community of Dvůr Sofie in peace, to see if it resonates with him. If so, he usually enters the 1st year between his 6th and 7th year, becoming a small apprentice.
As an Apprentice at Dvůr Sofie, he can consciously learn about self and the world, through work, learning, experiments, art, meditation, research and conscious being up to the 5th grade.

Since we perceive it as very important to support the individuality of the child and his need for really close contact with an adult, we create a group of a maximum of 8 students per year.

Little Finger at Dvůr Sofie

(children 3 - 6/7 years old)

You can start staying at Dvůr Sofie as a little one gradually, but at the earliest from the age of 3.
We support childhood, playfulness, curiosity and individuality to the maximum.

The child grows up in a healthy real environment and has many stimuli for meaningful imitation from an early age. Fresh air, open countryside, healthy food, movement in nature, meaningful work on the farm in which he can participate, free play, nursery rhymes, songs, fairy tales.

He sees and experiences older children immediately around him, both toddlers (pre-school children) and students, as well as teenagers and adults.

He will gradually mature to a state where he himself wants to become an Apprentice and progress further on the path of conscious knowledge.
You can find more about the division of children into groups on this page in the Organizational Information section.

Collaborator at Dvůr Sofie

We are always looking for capable and courageous colleagues who are not afraid of work, children, adults or themselves.
People willing to walk unexplored and untrodden paths, looking for new solutions and answers.
Workers who enjoy engaging in meaningful activities while learning new things and skills.

You can start working with us on: newly created pedagogy for little fingers, thumbs and disciples, construction and craft activities connected with reconstruction, agriculture and landscape care.
Areas of interest dynamically expand and deepen with different research areas over time.

If you feel that any of the above resonates with you, we would love to get to know you, some kind of cooperation may result sooner or later.

Volunteer at Dvůr Sofie

We plant trees, build houses, cut wood, mow the grass in the orchard...
and many other activities that are needed for human life and some parts of the landscape.
In addition to all this, we lack capable and wise pairs of hands who are happy to selflessly help in a meaningful project, in a beautiful place.

All you have to do is get in touch, make an appointment with us and then just come for the beautiful feeling of a job well done that has meaning.

You can come to work, even if you know that you will only be able to occasionally or only once. We welcome every volunteer with joy.

If you let us know, you can also come on any of the regular working Saturdays, the dates of which you can find in the Calendar.

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