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Our activities and further development are financed mainly from the private resources of the parents of the children of Dvůr Sofie, our own activities and supporters of this place. Any additional financial assistance is of great importance to us. This place is shaped and developed from the personal initiatives of individual people. Every action is a brick in the construction of this place.


Would you like to support Dvůr Sofie?

You can contribute to a non-profit organization that ensures the
operation of Dvůr Sofie. Account number: 2600903966/2010
Online payment via


The Wool Path

Together with the children, we would like to go through the Wool Path every year. It is the traditional processing of wool from the care of sheep, through shearing, washing, combing and spinning to weaving and knitting of wool.

Four sheep ladies already live in Dvůr Sofie's Yard, and in order to be able to process the wool that they gift us together with the children, we still need the necessary equipment such as spinning wheels, combing drums, combs, strikes and spindles. Please help us to embark on this journey - The Wool Path. 

You can contribute to this project here:


The Markéta Fund - Support for the meaningful education of children

The Markéta Fund financially supports the education of children at Dvůr Sofie, a rare place near Karlštejn Castle, where people and nature work together, live and rejoice. A place where the material meets the spiritual.
Where children, teenagers and adults get to know themselves and the world every day and make it happier, livelier and more beautiful. A place where a child can stay a child for as long as they need too. This possibility * to be a child as long as possible * is thus the basis for their long- term physical and mental health.
The Markéta Fund is an internal fund of Via Michaelica Kristi ops. It was created as a result of the initiative of Mrs. Markéta, who for several years contributed half the school fees to one of the children whose parents could not afford to pay the full school fees and therefore the child would not be able to attend Dvůr Sofie. The costs of this form of education are not covered by the state, but by the parents in full.

You can contribute to this project here:

We are currently looking for

Helpers to work in the orchard and on the construction of the new Barn.

Do not hesitate to contact us.

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